What we do

The administration of an estate of a relative or friend can be quite complex particularly where this involves the payment of tax. We have many years of experience in such matters and can therefore make this process much simpler for you

We can however tailor the work we do to your requirements and needs but generally we will complete the tax forms and liaise with the Revenue, Obtain the authority from the court to administer the estate (the Grant) and distribute the estate between the beneficiaries

If you wish we can offer an initial meeting with you to explain what we can do and an estimate of the likely costs and expenses before you formally instruct us to act. Please do telephone to arrange such a meeting.

Our Costs

Although our costs are based on the length of time that we spend on the file at our charging rate of £255 in a straightforward case we would expect our costs to be in the region of £1,750 plus VAT of £350. But the exact costs will depend on the circumstances of the case.

In addition on all matters there are the following estimated expenses that have to be paid to third parties:

Probate Fee                                      £155.00

Oath Fee (per executor)                     £7.00

Bankruptcy Search

(per beneficiary)                               £2.00


Statutory Advertisement                    £200.00 plus Vat of £40